The five key steps of our program development approach are:

1) Requirements Definition
Our objective is to clearly understand your business and website requirements. Taking into consideration your customers and their needs, we help you define your requirements and provide a detailed scope of the project. We then deliver a project proposal, a requirement specification sheet, and a development contract.

2) Designing and Planning
After reaching an agreement on the project requirements, we plan the design and delivery of a solution. Utilizing your feedback, we finalize the specifications for functional, architectural, user interface, and database design, forming a solid foundation for the project to build on.

3) Development and Testing
Our programmers will develop and implement your solution within a test environment. After the completion of major components, you will be able to review our progress. This will give you the quality assurance you need and the feedback we require to conduct further testing.

4) Deployment and Implementation
After rigorous quality assurance testing, the project is ready to be deployed in a live production environment. Working in tandem with you to implement the completed solution, we measure project success and review future enhancements.

5) Maintenance
Our maintenance approach involves continual testing and troubleshooting of your website even after deployment. To resolve any technical difficulties you may experience, we will correspond with you and provide you with the technical information you need to get familiar with your site.